Stay tuned for 2018 boot camp dates to be published.

The Data Science Boot Camp – May 15-19, 2017

Society has firmly entered the era of “data” and data-driven discovery and prediction will be in your future. The combination of ubiquitous network connectivity, powerful mobile computing devices, remote sensors and cameras, accurate location data, massive data-center resources, and commercial advertising incentives has spurred an astonishing growth in the collection and availability of data. To prepare you to leverage your data the Ken Kennedy Institute for Information Technology at Rice University is offering the Data Science Boot Camp to get you up to speed on skills required to start leveraging the latest data analytics tools.

Prerequisites: Participants should have some previous exposure to basic probability, statistics, linear regression, matrix and vector notation, as well as some familiarity with R and Python programming languages.

The HPC Boot Camp – May 22-26, 2017

Leading HPC faculty and staff members from Rice University serve as instructors for the HPC Boot Camp. The curriculum covers topics ranging from MPI, OpenMP, Pthreads, Performance analysis (HPCToolkit and Jumpshot), accelerated computing using GPGPU (OpenCL and CUDA), and Parallel i/o. Using Rice’s shared computing infrastructure, hands on laboratory sessions supported by the instructor and lab assistants, will be offered each day allowing participants to practice what is being taught in the class sessions. Participants will also have access to Rice resources to work on the lab exercises outside of class as desired.

Prerequisites: Participants should be comfortable with using Linux command line for program development and compiling. You should have basic knowledge of development and debugging of sequential programs in C/C++ and/or Fortran.

The Operations Research Boot Camp – August 7-8, 2017

We apologize for any inconvenience but the OR Boot Camp has been cancelled for August.  We are considering new dates for 2018 and will publish it as soon as we can. Thank you.

This two-day boot camp will give an overview of optimization models and solution approaches. It is designed for professionals who routinely encounter optimization models and would like a review of their fundamentals.

Day one will introduce linear programming and integer programming models arising in industrial settings.   Participants will learn how to formulate these models, an overview of how they are solved, and receive hands-on experience solving models in Microsoft Excel.

Day two will consider network models and graph theory. Topics will include shortest path, maximum flow, minimum cost flow models, spanning trees, and topics in graph theory, including applications such as social networks and routing problems. Participants should have a rudimentary level of expertise in Microsoft Excel and Matlab.

Prerequisites: Participants should have a rudimentary level of expertise in Microsoft Excel and Matlab.

The Ken Kennedy Institute for Information Technology (K2I), at Rice University, is a research-centric institute dedicated to the advancement of applied interdisciplinary research in the areas of computation, data science and information technology. K2I’s heritage and primary strengths are in the areas of high-performance computing and computational science and engineering. K2I’s goals are to support, foster, and develop a strong community of research and education across a wide area of computing technologies, computational engineering, and information processing.

Our goals are to be a catalyst for research collaboration across school, department, center, and laboratory boundaries and to encourage and develop close partnerships with industry, government, and other universities. Today, K2I is the virtual “home” of about 150 Rice faculty members and senior researchers drawn from across the university. From its roots in Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Computational and Applied Mathematics, and Statistics, it has grown to encompass faculty from 17 departments at Rice.

The Institute’s power lies in its ability to look beyond individual faculty members and departments and support the creation of teams that can successfully leverage our key research strengths. Through interaction with industry and frequent visits to funding agencies, we encourage and support the team building necessary to match faculty expertise with opportunities. The institute serves as the catalyst for developing these opportunities and moving them forward.


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