Data Science Boot Camp

August 12-16, 2019

Our world is comprised of big data and the quest is to understand it. Mass amounts of digital-data footprints make up our technological landscape with the ability to empower decision making and discovery. The power of today’s mobile and computing devices, along with cameras and micro-sensors, have propagated a new era in data-driven knowledge; one that seeks to understand information generated at an astonishing and exponentially increasing rate. Companies are no longer asking, “How can we acquire more data,” but instead are on a quest to decipher their massive data-center resources into comprehensible, real-time actionable knowledge for the purpose of discovery, prediction, development, and in some cases a competitive edge. This era of data-driven knowledge can only be understood through scientific processes and analytics better known as “data science.” To prepare you to leverage your data resources the Ken Kennedy Institute at Rice University is offering the Data Science Boot Camp to get you up to speed on skills required to start leveraging the latest data analytics tools.

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Prerequisites: Participants should have some previous exposure to basic probability, statistics, linear regression, matrix and vector notation, as well as some familiarity with Python programming languages.

For a detailed description of the curriculum, navigate to the curriculum page using the menu at the top of this page.

Rice University, through the Glasscock School of Continuing Studies, also offers a Data Analytics Boot Camp.  The Data Analytics Boot Camp is a 24 week, part time program.  For more information on the the DA Boot Camp, please contact the Glasscock School directly at 713-893-7791 or visit


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